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Level Up Dice - Glyphic Luxury D20 Blind Bag Series 3.5


This Series 3 expansion consists of a curated selection of twenty designs, transformed into D20s. Each luxury, semi-precious stone d20 is also available in an ultra-rare, foil ‘ionized’ version. Explore a new world of awe and wonder in every packet of Glyphic Blind Bag Series 3.5! You can also find one of one hundred specialty "corrupted" versions of the "O.o" Dice, only in these packets!

The Glyphic Dice feature entirely original designs produced in-house. Every design is a new and unique design based around a particular theme, giving you a marriage of design and material. All of the designs have two key concepts in mind, style, and number legibility so that they can look stunning and be functional as well.

• Each bag contains a high-quality natural stone die! Image below is an example of what is available.
• In blind bag format, these dice are fantastic impulse buys for next to the counter in your store.
• You can find one of 1/100 "corrupted" versions of LUDs "O.o" Dice, only in these packets!

• 1 x Display of Blind Bag Dice

Level Up Dice - Glyphic Luxury D20 Blind Bag Series 3.5

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